I first saw a Mini Album in a small crafting store that was hosting a class in 2013. I had been too late to sign up for the class and would need to wait a very long time for another similar class. So, I decided to look carefully at the album in the shop and delve into it on my own.  After a long trip to Michael’s, a few weeks later, and a little help from YouTube, I had created my very first Mini Album.

It is currently 2016 and I have created countless albums as gifts for family and friends. The more I made, the more elaborate and intricate they became. Now I have started to make various boxed designs, even making my own templates, taking custom orders, and selling some on Etsy. My little hobby has taken off and now I have various ways to share my creativity with you through social media.

Please have a look around and follow my crafting adventures through my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.