Working away…

With one big project out of the way and hand delivered I have to finish my biggest order to date! I finished the first part a little bit ago and now to finish the rest of it. Here is the first part. 

Between work, birthdays, visiting family, and a cider making venture with my boyfriend I feel like I’ve fallen behind. Even though my deadline is still almost 3 months away I have a few other things on the back burner, as they say. So I’ve given myself a deadline and it’s a short one. 

One week. Yes, that’s right. Seven days. Well, next Friday to be exact so it’s really 9 days. I have the covers finished, and half of the pages finished with pockets, flaps, waterfalls, etc. The plan is to finish the pages by supper time on Friday so I can enjoy another weekend of visiting family. Next week I will finish all the photo mats for these three albums. 

So far this week I’ve finished two “page spreads” as I’ve started calling them (the two pages the face each other in the album) and I’m very pleased with what I’ve accomplished.  This was today’s accomplishment. I’m getting quite excited to see that it’s all coming together nicely and I know the recipient is excited. I’m sure she will love it receive it early. 



  1. It’s “The Promise” by First Edition. It’s a combination of pinks, greens, silver, taupe, and grays. I love it so much I’m hoarding a package away. Haha. As soon as I saw it I fell in love. The textures and colors are so versatile that it would work with almost any color scheme.


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