Crafty change

I know it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. With Easter, time with my little nephews, spring cleaning (the house, not my craft room), and other family adventures I’ve barely made it into my craft room. 😢

But the other day when I sat down and looked at my desk I noticed that the finish was peeling a little bit from cleaning glue reside and ink off of it with the wipes that I use to clean my stamps with. I couldn’t believe it as my desk is only 5 months old. (You can see a little of the bubbling in my Flowers and Lace post from a month ago in the first picture although the album is hiding the worst of it.) So, being crafty, I decide that I can fix it. But how? Pinterest is a wonderful resource for ideas on refinishing old or outdated stuff but this is a new desk!!

Through my search for some way to toughen up my work surface while possibly brightening it up I bit I tumbled across a link on how to refinish a bathroom vanity or kitchen counter if you’re renting and can remove it when you move but is durable for those surfaces. Huh. Let’s give it a read! 

Here’s what I found. . Then this one.  And then finally this one. 

If it’s tough enough for a bathroom and kitchen counter it must be able to hold up to my craft table right?

That was two days ago and today I purchased a roll of Contact paper from Walmart to cover my bubbling, cracked, peeling craft desk. 

I know this isn’t a “paper craft” post but it’s still a creative process. Out of the faux wood, faux brown marble, white, blue, clear, and tear drops in blue and white, I decided on this. 

It should give a nice contrast with the black legs and shelves and brighten up the space nicely. The table top is currently a reddish/brown faux wood and it is dark. Let’s see how this goes and if anything happens then I can always remove it and start again or change it up as I wish! 😊


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